JGO Delta 10 Moonrocks 1g or 3.5g


JGO Delta 10 Moonrocks 1g or 3.5g
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With our Delta 10 Moonrocks, join our JGO astronaut on this galactic adventure. JGO has introduced these out-of-this-world moon rocks, which are produced from organic flower generated from industrial hemp, sprayed with our proprietary hemp blend, and kief-coated. Get ready to unwind and unwind because we’re going to the moon!

Strains: Jolly Purp (Sativa) 36.98% Animal Cookies (Hybrid) 37.15% Jolly Green Haze (Sativa) 38.62% Northern Lights (Indica) 36.43%Nother


1g, 3.5g


Jolly Purp (Sativa), Animal Cookies (Hybrid), Jolly Green Haze (Sativa), Northern Lights (Indica)


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